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Katy Buess ­­­— artist, printmaker, illustrator

customer feedback

‘Print is amazing. Love it. It looks STUNNING in the bach. Actually it looks a bit classy for the bach but I don’t care.
A.S., Orepuki, NZ

‘Thank you so much for the help and assistance you have given me when purchasing this print. It has arrived safely with my mother and I’m looking forward to giving it to my sister. Many Thanks.’
L.D., United Kingdom

Thanks so much for your email with the story behind our new print. Wherever possible when we buy art we like to find out as much as possible about the piece and to meet the artist is an added bonus.
J.P., Christchurch, NZ

‘I really enjoyed our day together and I learnt lots. It was a good play and when I get home, I am definitely going to try monoprints using my glass coffee table.’
S.S., Manchester, UK (attended a one day workshop while visiting Invercargill)

‘...I am so thrilled, it's an exquisite work. Never was a red dot so happily placed on an artwork!’
R.A., Dunedin, NZ

‘I have received the prints and they’re amazing! They distill a real sense of Vanuatu. Thank you so much : )’
S.F., Western Australia

Kia ora Katy, thanks so much for the wonderful prints. They are amazing, truly reflect Aotearoa superbly and they look great. I appreciate your fantastic skills and talent. Cheers.’
L.T., New Zealand

‘I have just taken Garden Mother to get framed. The framer found a lovely frame that shows off the picture beautifully. I just love the picture and will always treasure it. Many, many thanks.’
V.T., Christchurch, NZ

‘Thanks again Katy for supporting our trust by running printmaking workshops with children as part of the Weaving Station - Taste of Southland display, during Rugby World Cup celebrations. You have a lovely calm manner with students. They really enjoyed working with you and enjoyed the process you took them through.’
Murihiku Maori and Pasifika Cultural Trust, Invercargill, NZ

‘We had a lovely drive down the Peninsula to check out 'On the slopes of Mt Cargill’.... I also found your 'Ferns' today and so instead of walking away from that only to have to track it down again we decided to buy that as well! Our very own Katy Buess collection has started.’
V.M., Dunedin, NZ

‘Katy is an inspiring guest to have visit your classroom or group. Her gentle manner with the children is to be admired. Katy discusses her Pasifika experiences with fondness and clearly explains the methods and meanings behind her works. Time for questions and the sharing of other experiences is given and pupil interactions with her actual printmaking tools and artworks is enjoyed by all. I highly recommend Katy as a guest artist, as there is nothing more encouraging and fascinating as having a real life artist in the midst.’
M.L., James Hargest Junior Campus, Invercargill, NZ


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